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To provide a power eco system solution to enhance the safety, community and business of our value users. Whilst creating better technologies that benefit both the user and environment.


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About Us

The inspiration to create this app came about when  Dato Sri Nelson Kee Soon Ling and David Yew Onn Chong, both with more than 20 years of experience noticed there is a missing eco system that simplifies and speeds up the process of the real estate market.

Where lifestyle meets comfort

PropNest Features

Realising your property dreams starts right here with Prop Nest.

Prop Nest was created as a real-time, one stop solution that connects all stakeholders like landlords, tenants, merchants, foods, residents, and more in a single secured platform. Just with a few clicks, we have covered and simplified the full cycle of real estate within this app.

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Rent (As Short As Daily & Long)

e-Management, e-Management Office, e-Billing, e-Booking, e-Notification, e-Visitors, e-Defacts, e-Reno

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Our Founders

PropNest, a one-stop property technology platform complete with lifestyle services was conceptualized by Dato Sri Kee Soon Ling while pursuing his real-estate agency careers. 

Dato Sri Nelson Kee Soon Ling

Dato’ Sri Nelson Kee Soon Ling began his real estate journey in 2003.  He had successful careers in ING Insurance Company as Group Sales Manager since 1998. 

Mr. Matthew Chan Cheng Han

Mr. Matthew Chan Cheng Han has an extensive experience in the construction industry. He was one of the subcontractors appointed for fibre optics related projects (Fibre to the Home (FTTH)) for Telekom Malaysia.

Mr. David Yew Onn Chong

Mr. David Yew Onn Chong’s forte is investing in real estate and properties. Armed with years of experience and understanding of legal framework of buying and selling of properties


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